Roman Photo Walk

Great pictures are essential elements of a perfect vacation.

Once you are back home,  merely looking at vacation photos will allow you to remember the amazing sights you’ve

By the Colosseo

seen, incredible people you’ve met, and the fantastic food you’ve tasted.  And all the thrill of that wonderful trip will just come back to you.


But taking good photos when you are on
a trip can prove to be very challenging. It is quite hard to juggle taking in all the beauty of your surroundings, listening to the guide’s explanations,  keeping all your valuables safe, finding the right angle for your shot, and making sure you look good too in the picture.

At Gianicolo


Moreover, how many times have you been in the position where you are adamant to ask a stranger to take your photos, for there is the possibility that they will ignore your request or worst, run away with your camera.

You need not experience all these struggles with our very own, Roman Photo Walk.

For 2 or 3 hours, depending on your choice, you will go around Rome’s landmarks with our professional photographer in tow.  

Our photographer will take wonderful pictures of you. This way, in the future, when you look at vacation photos of you in Rome, the good memories will just flow.

Having aperitivo

Interested? Contact Us and Book Now.

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